Web Template Design

1 . What are Website Templates?

A website template is a pre-designed webpage, or set of webpages, that anyone can modify with their own content and images to setup a website. Usually built using HTML and CSS code, website templates allow anyone to setup a website without having to hire a professional web developer or designer, although, many developers do use website templates to create sites for their clients. This allows anyone to setup a reasonably priced personal or business website while creating an Internet presence that will be listed in search engines when users search for your product or service. In the case of Allwebco website templates, each template is a complete website that you can use to "plug-in" your own text and images with little, or no, editing of the layout or design.

What is Website template

Since the launch of the World Wide Web, the use of websites have become extensively popular, not only for the sole purpose of providing the world with the necessary information about the specific company but also for advertising and promoting the name of the company itself. More and more people are interested to create their own websites and for this reason there have been several different ways to ease out the procedure of website making and its maintenance.

One of the many ways of an easy solution for making a website is the use of Website Templates. These templates offer the use of the various different designs and graphics which are already coded in the HTML format to be used by the creator. The source files of these templates are always in the PSD format which belongs to the Adobe Photoshop software.

The website templates though can be made and used according to one individual purpose, there are two commonly know page contents in the templates.

The first page in every website template is the index page which is actually the main page of the website or called the homepage most commonly. It is this page that will appear after the address is entered. The other page which the website template contains is the sub page or the content pages which the branch off from the main page, containing the specific information about the particular topic.

The templates contain the already designed web page, and the user just has to change the name in the text region of "your Company Name" text, followed by the main context of the page, in this way by making a few replacements you can have your own designed website without the use of any professional help or complications